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Requires Internet Explorer 10+ or any other HTML5 browser

SG v.16 is a learning management system (LMS), designed to provide a simple yet powerful platform for institutions that are looking for a custumized solution; for those institutions that are not ok with a "one size fits all".


It was developed by only few persons, mostly academics and students, who can better understand the specific needs of a large educational institution.


Because it is open-source, SG can be tailored to individual needs, regardless of the size of the organization. Its modular approach allows it to include specific functionalities in very little time.

Ok, but what else does it offer?

SG is web based and can be access using any system from anywhere in the world. With an already mobile compatible interface, SG works on any browser, on a workstation or mobile.

With almost 10 years of development guided by teachers and students, SG represents a powerful set of tools and collaborative learning environments. But, it does not stop there. SG offers also a rich toolbox for managing processes that an institution requires to simplify its tasks, i.e. SG offers also a powerful backoffice support.


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